Fred Water

The mission of Fred is to get more people drinking more water by designing pocket-friendly, refillable bottles. With their recyclable plastic bottles in over 5,000 stores,

Fred turned to Something Massive to help introduce their first water flask made from high-quality stainless steel.

Our groundbreaking launch concept involved using the Kickstarter platform as a marketing platform, not simply a fundraising tool. Using non-traditional media in an unconventional way to build up a fan base for the new product was risky, but we had a feeling it was just crazy enough to work.

Because the Fred Water flask is such a simple concept with obvious benefits, Something Massive decided to flip the script on Kickstarter videos and create a satirical send-up of the genre. Written and produced in-house by Something Massive, the video and supporting campaign elements featured professional skate, snow and surf influencers, along with cult comedy hero Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords.




The video received industry accolades and press attention, driving viewers to the Kickstarter page by the thousands. Within a week Fred Water had exceeded their initial $50k goal, ultimately closing the campaign with 4,600 backers raising over $200k.

  • $205k


  • 400K%+

    Kickstarter goal exceeded

  • 20M

    media impressions

  • 5,000k+

    paying product backers

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