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Plum Organics is the industry leader in organic baby food and we’ve been with them since the beginning. For Plum we’ve created a myriad of digital and social applications and communications,

including websites, CRM programs and content series. Something Massive also helped concept, produce, launch and grow Plum Organics’ first national campaign, #ParentingUnfiltered.

At the heart of #ParentingUnfiltered lives the insight that parenting isn’t always pretty, and rarely ever perfect, but the endless surprises and imperfections of parenting are what make it magical. The goal was to take the pressure off parents and start a conversation about the realities of family life that would extend far beyond this campaign.

Since our target audience was, by definition, too busy to care, we had to innovate a new kind of relationship between brand and consumer. The first obstacle was creating a content piece that truly resonated.

The #ParentingUnfiltered video became the cornerstone of our campaign launch, which included custom serial content optimized for each of Plum’s social channels, images and stories from influential parents across the web, a Tumblr hub for campaign-themed sharable assets and a customizable holiday card that allowed parents to recap their year like it really happened, diaper blowouts and all.


#ParentingUnfiltered deeply resonated with our target audience and positioned Plum as the brand parents turn to for questions, sympathy and a knowing nod to the whole parenting thing. The launch video and social assets generated millions of views and over 25,000 comments, while the #ParentingUnfiltered Holiday Card far exceeded expectations, leading to 11,000 user-customized cards in three weeks.

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